You design it, we build it!

Every flag may be customized to fit your preferred style, business, or branding. All the customization options we offer make it easy for you to design a flag that is just for you!

1. Get Inspired – Browse some of the custom flags ordered by previous customers down below.

2. Pick Your Design – Choose one of our flags below that will serve as your base design.

3. Make It Yours – Start designing your flag using our advanced customization options.

We Give Back

When you shop at The Rustic Junkee you’re shopping with a purpose. A portion of profit from each piece sold is donated to help an injured veteran, soldier, first responder, or everyday hero in need.

Exceptional Quality

Our focus on quality and our attention to detail is simply unmatched. Every flag that leaves our hands is a testament of our craftsmanship and our promise to do our best, just for you!

Handmade in USA

All our flags are handcrafted from start to finish right here in the USA. Furthermore, we try to use local vendors and suppliers whenever we can in order to support the US economy.

1. Get Inspired

The slider below contains several examples of previous custom orders.


2. Pick your design

Once you’ve chosen a flag below, you’re ready for step 3 – make it yours! Each flag has an advanced order form where you can specify your customizations.

Not seeing what you’re looking for?

Feel free to contact us and lets bring your piece to life!