We offer the following add-ons for your gun case.

Bluetooth / Fingerprint Lock, with AC Port

DESCRIPTION: This high-quality fingerprint lock is easy to install and operated by either bluetooth or fingerprint. 

CABLE LENGTH: 20 inches

POWER: The unit operates on 4 AAA batteries and/or the optional A/C Adapter (NOT INCLUDED). 4 AAA power the unit with a working battery life of up to 50,000 cycles. If battery life starts to get low, a low voltage alarm will sound to indicate a battery change is necessary. Total battery drainage will result in the lock being unable to lock ensuring you will never have a locked out situation. 


  • Each lock features spring releases that will give the drawer, cabinet etc. a push to open itself (spring release can be removed).  
  • Various working modes available (public mode, private mode etc), suit for different applications.
  • Micro USB connector/3.5mm socket for emergency power supply.
  • Can store 20 fingerprints.
  • All stress points are reinforced with steel.  No PC necessary

Easy to follow setup instructions are included and will show you how to program the locks. Link to bluetooth sync video.