Hi, we are the new owners of The Rustic Junkee. Together we aim to maintain the sentimental values and goals behind the business while adding our own flavor and improvements.

The previous owner, Nicole has provided us with all of the specs and crafting blueprints so that we can maintain (and improve on) the same quality & look, you all love.

We’re excited and honored to continue the legacy and bring you the quality you expect. Furthermore, we look forward to connecting with you and crafting your next piece in a way that may tell your story.

– Gage and Charles

Thin red line american flag on black shelf-webready-compressed


Our goal is simple, to craft you an amazing piece that you are proud to display in your home or gift to family or friends. Each piece of pine is carefully inspected for optimal grain appearance and to ensure each is true and straight.

After cutting each piece down to the correct size, we glue clamp, and nail everything together for extra strength. Next, we prep your flag by planing the surface to get a uniform and flat surface. We then sand and burn the wood (burning is optional) to achieve a look and feel that suits you. 

Your flag is then cleaned, masked, and hand-painted to match one of our signature designs or a custom design of your own. Once the paint has dried we seal it with a UV protective and water-resistant sealer.

Our focus on quality and our attention to detail is simply unmatched. Every piece that leaves our hands is a testament to our work as well as our will to always do our best, for you!


Every flag, gun case, helmet rack, challenge coin rack, and cornhole board is handcrafted from start to finish right here in the USA. Furthermore, we try and use local vendors and suppliers whenever we can in order to support the US economy. 

All handmade TRJ pieces are built with careful attention to every detail to ensure superior quality. Everything is crafted from quality material and built to last.


We want to honor all heroes and help share their stories, sacrifices, triumphs, legacies, and more through these handmade pieces.

When you shop at The Rustic Junkee you’re shopping with a purpose because a portion of the profit from each piece sold is donated to help an injured veteran, soldier, first responder, or everyday hero in need.

Thanks for helping us to give back, and supporting us.